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Release Notes

Upgrading to the Latest Version of the SDK

Extract the contents of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android software update file to a folder on your computer and run the installation script. The installation script copies the SDK libraries to the local Maven repository and reinstalls the Android Studio plugin.

The installation script does not overwrite older versions of the SDK libraries. These are still present in the local Maven repository after the upgrade. This ensures applications referencing the older SDK will continue to compile.

For existing applications, manually update the SDK version in your Gradle files to the new one.


You can update the SDK version for your Wizard projects using the sdkVersion property in the file at the root of the generated project.



  • Connections from Android showing as "Unknown".

  • Icons and text misaligned in Object Cell.

  • List Picker Form Cell "Select" prompt not translated.

  • Attachment Add menu was rendering outside of Form Cell container.

  • 1-line contact cell had incorrect height on Phone.

  • Vertical padding and dividers did not match design.

  • setBody on ObjectHeader does not cause View to redraw.

  • After viewing the EULA, there was no way to get back to the onboarding screen.

  • Fix app crash in case of log level is PATH.

  • Fix crash during log upload.

  • Fix Windows high dpi with low resolution UI presentation.

  • Add the possibility to have white spaces in the project path.

  • Fix button states on passcode dialogs. Fix colors and alignments in Darcula theme for dialogs, as well.

  • Fix crash on passcode screen if device does not support fingerprint.


  • Allow null values in SecureKeyValueStore.

  • Smooth image scaling for Wizard

  • Fix crash if log upload button is pressed twice quickly

  • StaticTextLayout fields (such as ObjectCell headline, subheadline, footnote, and description) were not accessible to screen readers.

  • A crash was occurring when setValue with an index of 0 was being called on an empty Chip group.

  • When a Key Value Cell was missing a Key, the margin added at the top was incorrect.

  • Separators were not matching the keyline in Object Cells

  • getKeyView exposed wrong view on SimplePropertyFormCell


  • Support for Android Studio 3.2.1.

  • Updated Google Play Services dependency.

  • Fixes for Android Wizard scaling on Windows.

  • Fix for keyboard not appearing on focus change for earlier versions of Android.

  • IME options can now be enabled on a Simple Property Form Cell, allowing for more usability in landscape mode on a phone.

  • The default color for the status on the Object Header was incorrect.

  • For some configurations, the status was not being displayed in the Object Header.


  • Support for Android Studio 3.2. Click Update if prompted by Android Studio. This upgrade updates the Android Gradle plugin to version 3.2.0 and Gradle to version 4.6.

  • Support for Android Support Library 28.0.0. For existing Wizard projects, update the androidSupportVersion property in the file.

  • New registration headers in requests originating from Offline OData library

  • Fixed an erroneous push warning in the Wizard

  • Fixed create and save actions in tablet mode

  • Logging codes are generated only when logging and log upload is enabled in the Wizard

  • Fixed the number of retries allowed when a user provides an incorrect passcode

  • Allow support in the Wizard generated app for a "gender" property

  • Improve validation when creating local destinations

  • Use of ProjectLocation as a VirtualFile to avoid gradle build errors

  • Show a warning when the Server Key definition on the server is overwritten by the Wizard

  • Fixed an erroneous application name when using the google-vision library

  • Grid Table rows now handle percentage widths correctly

  • Addressed Object Header formatting issues

  • Addressed Profile Header formatting issues

  • Addressed Object Cell formatting issues

  • Fixed an issue where the Object Cell crashed if 4 icons were provided

  • Object List Picker can now reference IDs instead of just list positions

  • Kotlin can't access generated OData proxy code