The Flows Component

The Flows component provides a default implementation for your app's onboarding and restoring scenarios. These scenarios are based on the existing Foundation and Fiori libraries.

These libraries define their own callback interfaces which should be implemented by the app developer. By using the flows you will get not only the interface, but also a default implementation which links the foundation functionality with the UI's activities.

At the same time all the customization options of the UI are still supported, and additional custom code can be added to flows as well. The flows executes the onboarding and restoring scenarios as a linear step sequence. Custom code can be added through custom steps added by the app developer.

Flow Types

The Flows library currently supports the following scenarios (flow types) for onboardingflows implementation:

  • Onboard
  • Restore
  • Reset
  • Change

The sequence of the steps is determined by the app developer. The proposed default step sequences are listed in this section.

The Onboard Scenario

The Restore Scenario

The Reset Scenario

The Change Scenario