The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android Components

The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android contains a number of key software components: Flows, Fiori, Online OData, Offline OData, and Foundation. These components are decoupled from each other, which allows developers to use only those components required for their application development.

The SDK also includes the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android Wizard that you can use to quickly generate a reference app that you can then extend by adding your business logic.

The Flows Component

The Flows compoent provides a default implementation for your app's onboarding and restoring scenarios. These scenarios are based on the existing Foundation and Fiori libraries.

These libraries define their own callback interfaces which should be implemented by the app developer. By using the flows you will get not only the interface, but also a default implementation which links the foundation functionality with the UI's activities.

See The Flows Component for more information.

The Fiori Component

The Fiori component is a library of user interface modules for creating mobile apps that follow Android Material Design and SAP's Fiori Design Language. This component includes styling XML that adds a Fiori look and feel to your app.

See The Fiori Component for more information.

The OData Components

The OData components provide modules that allow your app to access OData services on the back end. There are separate components for online and offline apps.

The Online OData component provides online access to exposed back-end OData services without using any caching or local storage of data. The Offline OData component allows the app to retrieve back-end OData services when a device is online, and then creates an offline OData store.

See The OData Component for more information.

The Foundation Component

The Foundation component includes modules that allow your app to use the features and capabilities of the SAP Cloud Platform as well as the Android device. This component includes the modules for accessing enterprise services such as Client Usage, Logging, and Push Notifications.

See The Foundation Component for more information.

The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android Wizard

The Wizard is an Android Studio plugin that simplifies the development of your Android projects by generating hundreds of line of source code. For example, the Wizard can generate the code required by an app to do the following:

  • Access OData services
  • Define authentication mechanisms
  • Enable push notifications
  • Set up mobile service configuration

The Wizard generates a ready-to-run Android studio project that uses APIs from most of the components mentioned in this section.