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Notification that G/L Account Master Data Changes Are Not Possible

During daily business, you create and change G/L accounts and transport the changes to your production system on a regular basis. However, during certain time frames, for example, when a system is being upgraded, changes are not possible. At such times, the Copy button is not active in the apps for creating and changing G/L account master data. To more clearly notify you that changes are not possible in such a situation, a corresponding message is now displayed in the apps, next to the Copy button. These apps are affected:
  • Manage Operating Chart of Accounts

  • Manage G/L Account Master Data

  • Manage Chart of Accounts

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Not applicable

Scope Item

J58 (Accounting and Financial Close)

Technical Object Name




Application Component

FI-FIO-GL-MD (Master Data Apps)

Valid as Of

SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2202

Additional Details

This sample screenshot shows you how such a message is displayed next to the Copy button (Note: The following screenshot is only available in English. Interfaces may differ slightly depending on the version of your apps or on your configuration settings.):

The following messages may, for example, be displayed:
  • Changes not possible. Configuration locked. (Manage G/L Account Master Data app, Manage Chart of Accounts app)

  • Migrated FSV is read only. (Manage Chart of Accounts app)

    For more information about this case, see Migrated FSV Structures in the Manage Chart of Accounts App

  • You can’t copy accounts. No BCP assignment found for your user. (Manage Operating Chart of Accounts app)

  • No authorization to create a change request. (Manage Operating Chart of Accounts app)