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Name Description
Enumerations Collection of the MS Excel constants.
Error Excel errors.
Application Collection of functions based on the MS Excel application.
Workbook Collection of functions related to MS Excel workbook. Use the Workbook activities to activate, close, open or close workbooks.
Worksheet Set of activities related to MS Excel worksheet. Use the Worksheet activities to read (get) or write (set) cells with different options.
Pivot Table Set of activities related to MS Excel pivot table. Use the activities to refresh or get names of the existing pivot tables.
Excel Helper Collection of functions to ease MS Excel operations within an automation.


Name Description
Open Options Datatype Options to provide opening informations and avoid some popups.
Cell Two coordonnates corresponding to the position of a cell.
Range Information Detail range information like the corresponding Excel address, the amount of cells, the position, etc.
Add-In description. Description of an Excel Add-In.
COM Add-In description. Description of a COM Add-In.
Allow on protected Worksheet Datatype.