SAP TechEd US 2018 Learning Journeys

Learn more - Business User Skills

Skills you need

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Business User

A Business user wants to understand SAP solutions to ensure suitability to their business needs. He/she eventually uses the SAP solution on a daily basis to complete key business tasks.

Key Tasks

  • Completes a wide range of simple and specialized tasks within the solution on a daily base
  • Evaluates business value of SAP Solutions to see how they fit in own business
  • Maps as-is with to-be processes
  • Provides feedback on suggested solution configurations and parameters
  • Organizes operations and configuration during and after go live

Featured Topics

  • Knowledge of tools and business processes in his/her area
  • Task-related knowledge on the go and step-by-step guides
  • Information on the available processes and customer-specific configuration and enhancement options
  • Understanding on how to configure and adapt the system
  • Understanding of SAP services and support
  • Customer specific business rules and processes