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... WHERE sql_cond ...


The addition WHERE restricts the number of rows that are included in the result set by the statement SELECT of a query by using a logical expression sql_cond. A row is only included in the result set if the logical expression is true.

Except for columns of type STRING, RAWSTRING, or GEOM_EWKB, or LCHR and LRAW, all columns of the data sources specified after FROM can usually be evaluated in the WHERE condition of a query. Special rules apply to some logical expressions. The columns do not necessarily have to be a part of the result set.

Implicit ABAP SQL client handling applies to the WHERE clause. The client column of a client-dependent data source cannot be used as an operand in the WHERE condition.



Reading of all objects in the ABAP keyword documentation from the table DOKIL using a suitable WHERE condition. Messages of the code inspector regarding the bypassing of the table buffer are suppressed using pseudo comments.

       FIELDS object, langu
       WHERE  id = 'SD'  AND
              typ = 'E'  AND
                   ( object LIKE 'ABAP%'    OR
                     object LIKE 'ABEN%'    OR
                     object LIKE 'DYNP%'  ) AND
                     ( langu = 'D' OR langu = 'E' ) "#EC CI_GENBUFF
      ORDER BY object, langu                        "#EC CI_BYPASS
      INTO TABLE @FINAL(dokil_tab).

Executable Examples

Example SELECT, SQL Expressions in the WHERE Condition