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ABAP - Keyword Documentation

This documentation describes the syntax and semantics of the keywords of programming languages provided by SAP on an Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP) of an ABAP system implementing an ABAP Platform for ABAP Cloud. It also provides an introduction to the environment of these languages plus language-related frameworks and their associated system classes.

The language version ABAP for Cloud Development and the frameworks for ABAP Cloud do not cover all elements of an ABAP Platform and are restricted to the needs of ABAP Cloud.


The programs and program extracts presented in the ABAP keyword documentation are only syntax examples and are not intended for direct use in a production system environment. The source texts of the examples are primarily intended to provide a better explanation and visualization of the syntax and semantics of ABAP statements and not to solve concrete programming tasks. For production application programs, a dedicated solution should therefore always be worked out for each individual case. The database tables of the flight data model used in the example programs can be filled using the class CL_DEMO_FILL_FLIGHT_MODEL_TABS.