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Exception Handling in Release 7.53

1. Raising runtime errors

2. Last message in a chain of exception objects

3. Setting the attribute IS_RESUMABLE

Modification 1

Raising Runtime Errors

The new statement RAISE SHORTDUMP raises runtime errors associated with an exception object. This means more information can now be passed to the short dump than was previously possible in an exit message.

Modification 2

Last Message in a Chain of Exception Objects

The new method GET_LATEST_T100_EXCEPTION in the class CL_MESSAGE_HELPER is used to return the last object in a chain of exception objects that has an exception text defined by a message. Here, the chain is created using the attribute PREVIOUS.

Modification 3

Setting the Attribute IS_RESUMABLE

The attribute IS_RESUMABLE of an exception object is now set after exceptions raised by the statement RAISE RESUMABLE EXCEPTION only if the CATCH statement in question has the addition BEFORE UNWIND. Previously in catches, the attribute was set for every exception raised in this way.

After an exception is raised using the statement RAISE RESUMABLE EXCEPTION and caught using the statement CATCH BEFORE UNWIND, the attribute IS_RESUMABLE is set for all previous exception objects referenced in the attribute PREVIOUS and not just for the current exception object. Up until the first resumable exception in the chain IS_RESUMABLE is set to the value of ABAP_TRUE and is set to the value of ABAP_FALSE otherwise.