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VALUE - Value Operator


... VALUE type( ... ) ...


A constructor expression with the value operator VALUE creates a result of a data type specified using type. The following can be specified for type:

The operator does the following:

The content of the result is determined by the parameters specified in parentheses. The syntax used in pass by parameter depends on the type used when the value was constructed. There are specialized categories of pass by parameter for each possible type.

In assignments of constructor expressions to a data object using VALUE, the data object is used directly. It is overwritten in full by an initial value or start value before being assigned the values specified in the parentheses.



Constructs the values of a structure of type T100 declared inline.

DATA(wa) = VALUE t100( sprsl = 'E'
                       arbgb = 'DEMO'
                       msgnr = '111'
                       text =  '...' ).

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