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IMPORT parameter_list FROM medium [conversion_options].


Imports data objects specified in parameter_list from a data cluster stored in storage medium medium with statement EXPORT. If necessary, the data is automatically converted to the current byte order (endian) and character format. Use additions conversion_options to make adaptations to the current platform. System Fields

System Fields

sy-subrc Meaning
0 The specified data cluster was found and the content of the parameters in the data cluster was passed to the respective data objects. Unavailable parameters are ignored.
4 The specified data cluster was not found.


See also Classes for Data Clusters.


Reads a link table of the ABAP keyword documentation that is buffered in a data cluster of a database table to an internal table.

  abapdocu_temp_id TYPE abapdocu_temp-srtfd,
  abapdocu_temp_wa TYPE abapdocu_temp,
  index_tab        TYPE cl_abap_docu=>abap_index_tab.

abapdocu_temp_id =  'MAN_INDEX.' && sy-langu.
IMPORT man_index_tab = index_tab
       FROM DATABASE abapdocu_temp(mx)
       ID   abapdocu_temp_id
       TO   abapdocu_temp_wa.

IF sy-subrc = 0.

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