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Quick Reference

sql_cond - IN subquery


... operand [NOT] IN ( SELECT subquery_clauses [UNION ...] ) ...


Search for an operand operand in the result set of a subquery. The clauses in the subquery subquery_clauses must constitute a scalar subquery. The language element UNION can be used to combine the result sets of multiple subqueries. In this case, special rules query_clauses apply for specifying clauses.

The relational expression is true if the value of the operand operand is (is not) contained in the results set of the scalar subquery. Columns and SQL expressions can be specified for operand. This covers literals, host variables, and host expressions. In a HAVING clause, aggregate expressions can also be used.


Reads the geographical latitude and longitude of a city from the database table SGEOCITY, where this city is the city of origin of a flight in the database table SPFLI.

DATA: carr_id TYPE spfli-carrid VALUE 'LH',
      conn_id TYPE spfli-connid VALUE '400'.

SELECT SINGLE city, latitude, longitude
       FROM sgeocity
       WHERE city IN ( SELECT cityfrom
                              FROM spfli
                              WHERE carrid = @carr_id AND
                                    connid = @conn_id )
       INTO (@DATA(city), @DATA(lati), @DATA(longi)).