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Open SQL - Release-Dependent Syntax Check Modes

In Release 7.40, SP02, a new SQL parser for Open SQL was introduced, used for both statically specified Open SQL statements and for dynamic tokens, and which applies some rules more strictly than the previous parser. In Release 7.40, SP02, the new parser was used only for the statement SELECT and, from Release 7.40, SP05, for all Open SQL statements. The corresponding syntax revisions can be found under the release-dependent changes for 7.40 SP02 and 7.40 SP05.

Alongside these general revisions (which apply to all Open SQL statements), Release 7.40, SP05 also introduced syntax check modes known as strict modes, which check Open SQL statements even more strictly if they use attributes introduced in the release in question.


Strict Mode in Release 7.40, SP05
Strict Mode in Release 7.40, SP08
Strict Mode in Release 7.50
Strict Mode in Release 7.51
Strict Mode in Release 7.52