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Expressions and Functions in Release 7.52

1. Exception object after RAISE EXCEPTION

2. Object component selector after table expressions

3. Key specification for the FILTER operator

4. Pseudo component table_line in mapping rules

Modification 1

Exception Object After RAISE EXCEPTION

The operand position for the reference variable oref of the statement RAISE EXCEPTION oref is now a general expression position.

Modification 2

Object Component Selector After Table Expressions

If an object component selector -> is specified directly after a table expression, the restriction that this is not possible for table expressions whose result is determined with the value operator VALUE no longer applies.

Modification 3

Key Specification for the FILTER Operator

In the variant of the constructor expression where a filter table is specified, the addition USING KEY can be used either for the filter table or for the source table. Previously, the filter table had to have a sorted key or a hash key. This restriction does not apply if such a key can be specified for the source table instead.

Modification 4

Pseudo Component table_line in Mapping Rules

It is now possible to specify the pseudo component table_line as a source component of a source table in mapping rules of the component operator CORRESPONDING, if the table has an elementary row type. In all other cases, the behavior is undefined when the pseudo component is specified.