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AMDP in Release 7.52

1. Reference to ABAP types

2. AMDP options

3. Logical HDI schemas

Modification 1

Reference to ABAP Types

When an AMDP method is implemented in an AMDP class with SQLScript, the following new AMDP macro

"$ABAP.type( [name =] abap_type )"

can be used to reference ABAP types. The ABAP runtime environment replaces these schemas on the database with the associated database types.

Modification 2

AMDP Options

The new addition AMDP OPTIONS for METHODS and CLASS-METHODS statements can be used to define attributes of AMDP methods in their declaration:

Modification 3

Logical HDI Schemas

Alongside the existing logical database schemas, logical HDI schemas can now be used as further logical schemas in the AMDP macro $ABAP.schema. The mapping of a physical database schema to a logical HDI schema is made sin the definition of an ABAP-managed HDI container, which itself links HDI objects to the Change and Transport System (CTS).