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ABAP CDS in Release 7.52

1. Annotations as CDS objects

2. Cardinality in LEFT OUTER JOIN

3. Access control

4. Extensions

Modification 1

Annotations as CDS Objects

From Release 7.52, it is possible to define CDS annotations as standalone CDS objects using the statement DEFINE ANNOTATION in DDLA source code.

A CDS annotation definition dictates precisely how the annotation needs to be specified in CDS source code in annotation syntax.

In DDL source code, annotation definitions are covered by source code coloring and Code Completion. In DDLA source code and DDLX source code, the definitions are also covered by the syntax check.

SAP delivers annotation definitions for the SAP annotations. No other annotations should be used at present.

Modification 2

Cardinality in LEFT OUTER JOIN

In a LEFT OUTER JOIN, an addition TO ONE or TO MANY can be specified for the cardinality. This addition is evaluated by an SAP HANA database as a note for optimization.

This option exists in earlier releases in ABAP CDS, but has been documented only from Release 7.52. In Open SQL, the corresponding syntax was introduced in Release 7.52.

Modification 3

Access Control

The following enhancements have been implemented in CDS access control:

Modification 4


CDS view extensions are now connected to Switch Framework whenever they are defined in a package that is assigned a switch.