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System Class for Database Features

The method USE_FEATURES of the class CL_ABAP_DBFEATURES can be used to detect whether the current database or a database specified using a database connection supports particular features and whether these can be used at runtime in ABAP. One or more features can be queried and then passed to the method in an internal table. The potential row content of the internal table is determined using constants of the class CL_ABAP_DBFEATURES. Other values raise an exception from the class CX_ABAP_INVALID_PARAM_VALUE.

Constant Database Feature Use in ABAP
AMDP_TABLE_FUNCTION Table Functions Access to CDS table functions in Open SQL.
EXTERNAL_VIEWS SAP HANA views Access to external views in Open SQL.
CALL_AMDP_METHOD Supports AMDP Method call of AMDP procedure implementations.
CALL_DATABASE_PROCEDURE Database Procedures Call of database procedures using CALL DATABASE PROCEDURE.
ITABS_IN_FROM_CLAUSE Local temporary tables Use of internal tables as a data source of queries in Open SQL, if these are evaluated by the database.
LIMIT_IN_SUBSELECT_OR_CTE Sortings or limiters in subqueries Use of the ORDER BY clause or the additions UP TO, OFFSET in subqueries.
TABLE_KEYCNT_MAX1 Up to 120 key fields A table can contain more key fields than is permitted as a cross-platform table.
TABLE_KEYLEN_MAX1 Keys can have up to 2000 bytes The key of a table can contain more bytes than is permitted as a cross-platform table.
TABLE_LEN_MAX1 A table row can have up to 16293 bytes A table row can contain more bytes than is permitted as a cross-platform table.

The method USE_FEATURES returns the value of abap_true if the feature is supported by the database and the specified use in ABAP is possible.



For the current database, checks whether specific additional features can be accessed using Open SQL.

IF cl_abap_dbfeatures=>use_features(
        requested_features =
          VALUE #( ( cl_abap_dbfeatures=>amdp_table_function )
                   ( cl_abap_dbfeatures=>external_views ) ) ).


The program DEMO_DBFEATURES checks all possible database features for the current database.