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ABAP CDS - Annotations

A CDS annotation uses metadata to enrich CDS objects. It can be specified in fixed annotation syntax for specific scopes of a CDS object, namely specific places in a piece of CDS source code.

CDS annotation definitions can be used to create CDS annotations themselves as CDS objects. A definition of this type dictates precisely how it is specified as part of the annotation syntax in CDS source code. The naming and software component of an annotation definition also expresses the semantics of the annotation. This includes annotation documentation containing further information about the meaning of the annotation and its environment.

The metadata specified by annotations is saved internally when a CDS object is activated. The system class CL_DD_DDL_ANNOTATION_SERVICE is used to evaluate the annotations of CDS entities.

Only those annotations should be specified that have an annotation definition and the way they are specified should follow the rules in the definition. SAP delivers a set of predefined SAP annotations.


Currently, only those SAP annotations predefined by SAP should be used.

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