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to_upper, to_lower, to_mixed, from_mixed - Case Functions

Syntax Forms

1. ... to_upper( [val =] text ) ...

2. ... to_lower( [val =] text ) ...

3. ... to_mixed( [val =] text [sep = sep] [case = case] [min = min] ) ...

4. ... from_mixed( [val =] text [sep = sep] [case = case] [min = min] ) ...


These functions return the character string from text after it has been converted in accordance with the following case rules:

sep is a character-like expression position. If they have a fixed length, trailing blanks are ignored. min is a numeric expression position of type i. case expects a character-like data object with a fixed length. val = can be omitted only if none of the optional arguments are specified. If sep is an empty string or if min is negative, an exception of class CX_SY_STRG_PAR_VAL is raised.

The return code has the type string accordingly.


The functions to_mixed and from_mixed are used to transform standard ABAP naming conventions for names with underscores to standard Java naming conventions with uppercase and lowercase letters and (namely Mixed Case Style and Camel Case Style) and the other way around.


Displays the Latin alphabet in lowercase letters.

cl_demo_output=>display( to_lower( sy-abcde ) ).

Executable Example

String Functions, to_mixed and from_mixed


Handleable Exceptions