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AMDP - Procedure Implementations

An AMDP procedure implementation is an AMDP method for implementing a database procedure. It is declared in an AMDP class like a regular static method or instance method in any visibility section. An AMDP procedure implementation cannot be identified as an AMDP method in the declaration part of the class.

An AMDP procedure implementation is indicated as an AMDP method in the implementation part of the class using the addition BY DATABASE PROCEDURE of the statement METHOD. At the same time, the database system where the method is used and the programming language of the database system used to implement the method are also defined. The database objects of the current database schema accessed in the AMDP method must be declared using an addition USING. If possible, the syntax check is performed on the basis of this information. When database tables defined in ABAP Dictionary are accessed statically, the AMDP framework makes sure that the order of the fields defined in the dictionary is respected (this may be different from the order on the database).

The following restrictions apply, however, with respect to the parameter interface of an AMDP procedure implementation:

The following restrictions apply to method implementation:

Further restrictions may apply depending on the programming language of the database system and these are discussed in the corresponding sections: