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System Class for UUIDs

The methods CREATE_... of the class CL_SYSTEM_UUID create UUIDs with a length of 16 bytes in the following formats:

The methods CONVERT_... convert these formats to each other.


Creates a 16-character byte-like UUID and converts it to other formats. The program DEMO_UUIDS executes this source code and displays the result.

DATA(system_uuid) = cl_uuid_factory=>create_system_uuid( ).
    DATA(uuid_x16) = system_uuid->create_uuid_x16( ).
    system_uuid->convert_uuid_x16( EXPORTING
                                     uuid = uuid_x16
                                     uuid_c22 = DATA(uuid_c22)
                                     uuid_c26 = DATA(uuid_c26)
                                     uuid_c32 = DATA(uuid_c32) ).
  CATCH cx_uuid_error.