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Open SQL - SQL Expressions


... sql_elem
  | sql_builtin_func
  | sql_num
  | sql_cast
  | sql_string
  | sql_case  ...


SQL expressions are expressions that can be specified in the following positions of Open SQL statements.

SQL expressions are passed to the database system, executed there, and the result is passed to the application server if requested. The possible operands are:

The SQL expression can be used to execute

Every expression can be enclosed in parentheses. The result of an expression is used in the Open-SQL statement in accordance with the operand position, with the data type in nested expressions being specified by the outermost expression.


sql_exp - sql_elem
sql_exp - sql_builtin_func
sql_exp - sql_arith
sql_exp - sql_cast
sql_exp - sql_string
sql_exp - sql_case
sql_exp - ( )
Examples of SQL Expressions