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Open SQL in Release 7.51

1.General table expressions

2. Cross join

3. New addition OFFSET in SELECT

4. SQL and aggregate functions expanded

5. Extended result

6. New additions in DELETE dbtab

7. Inline declaration for OPEN CURSOR

8. Strict mode in the syntax check

9. Access to cached views of the SAP HANA database

10. session variables in the SAP HANA database

11. Restrictions removed

Modification 1

General Table Expressions

The new Open SQL statement WITH enables general table expressions (CTEs) to be defined for use in the WITH statement. A general table expression generates a results set that is used in the queries of the WITH statement as a data source. The main query of the WITH statement has an INTO clause and transfers its results set to ABAP data objects.

Modification 2

Cross Join

As well as an inner and outer join, it is now possible to use a cross join in a SELECT statement.

Modification 3

New addition OFFSET in SELECT

In the additions named under additional_options in the statement SELECT, an addition OFFSET can now be specified to specify the first row of the results set.

Modification 4

SQL and Aggregate Functions Expanded

Modification 5

Extended Result

The new addition EXTENDED RESULT of an INTO clause can be used to provide an extended result for an object of the class CL_OSQL_EXTENDED_RESULT, which can be queried using methods of the class.

Modification 6

New additions in DELETE dbtab

In the variant DELETE FROM target of the statement DELETE, the additions ORDER BY, OFFSET, and UP TO can now be specified to restrict the number of rows to delete.

Modification 7

Inline declaration for OPEN CURSOR

An inline declaration with the declaration operator DATA can now also be specified at the operand position for dbcur of the OPEN CURSOR statement.

Modification 8

Strict Mode in the Syntax Check

If one the new features listed above is used in an Open SQL statement, the syntax check is performed in a strict mode, which handles the statement more strictly than the regular syntax check.

Modification 9

Access to Cached Views of the SAP HANA Database

Under certain conditions, a query can read data from the cache when accessing a cached view of the SAP HANA database. This can be checked using the addition EXTENDED RESULT of an INTO clause.

Modification 10

Session variables in the SAP HANA database

A new ABAP-specific session variable CDS_CLIENT for the client ID is influuenced during access via Open SQL by addition USING CLIENT. The CDS session variable client is now linked to this HANA session variable.

Modification 11

Restrictions Removed