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ABAP Channels in Release 7.51

1. Length restriction for AMC

2. Suppressing standalone AMC messages

Modification 1

Length Restriction for AMC

The length restriction for messages that can be sent using AMC has been extended from approximately 30,000 bytes to approximately 1 MB. This limit can be increased even further by changing the profile parameter rdisp/long_messages/max_length.

The same applies to APC messages, which are sent with an attached client object using the interface IF_APC_WSP_CLIENT_CONN_ATTACH.

Modification 2

Suppressing Standalone AMC Messages

The new parameter I_SUPPRESS_ECHO of the method CREATE_MESSAGE_PRODUCER of the class CL_AMC_CHANNEL_MANAGER can be used to control whether AMC messages can be sent to the current ABAP session or not.