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ABAP CDS in Release 7.51

1. Client handling

2. Expressions and functions

3. Cross join

4. Associations

5. Session variables

6. CDS view enhancements

7. Annotations

8.Access control

Modification 1

Client Handling

The new annotation @ClientHandling specified the client handling of CDS views and CDS table functions. It replaces the annotation @ClientDependent and makes it obsolete.

Modification 2

Expressions and Functions

The following enhancements have been implemented:

The following changes have been made:

Modification 3

Cross Join

As well as an inner and outer join, it is now possible to use a cross join in a SELECT statement.

Modification 4


Modification 5

Session Variables

When a CDS view is accessed using Open SQL, it is possible to access the new session variable $session.system_date in which the values of the system field sy-datum are available.

Modification 6

CDS View Enhancements

The statement EXTEND VIEW can now be used to extend the following CDS views too:

For enhancements of the GROUP-BY clause and UNION clauses, the existing CDS view must contain the new annotation array AbapCatalog.viewEnhancementCategory[ ] with suitable values. The value #NONE of this annotation array can be used to prevent any enhancements being made to a CDS view using CDS view enhancements.

Modification 7


The new view annotation AbapCatalog.preserveKey can be used to override the default behavior of the addition KEY for defining key fields of a CDS view. If the annotation is specified with the value true, the key fields defined using KEY are also used for the associated CDS database view.
For each element annotation that is not part of an annotation array, you can specify the special value null (without quotation marks). This means that the annotations are ignored in the evaluation with class CL_DD_DDL_ANNOTATION_SERVICE by default.
Metadata extensions are new CDS objects that allow CDS annotations for a CDS entity to be created and transported separately from their CDS source code. Metadata extensions are included by default in the evaluation of annotations with the class CL_DD_DDL_ANNOTATION_SERVICE.
Metadata extensions are created using the DDL statement ANNOTATE VIEW and can be joined to new CDS variants, enabling different extensions to be be created for a CDS entity. Furthermore, each metadata extension is linked to a layer, such as a branch, customer, or partner, which determines the priority if there is an identical variant or no variant.


CDS variants are not currently released for general use. It is not possible to define standalone CDS variants and the use of CDS variants in metadata extensions produces a syntax check warning.

Modification 8

Access Control

The following enhancements have been implemented in CDS access control: