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Data Types and ABAP Dictionary in Release 7.50

1. New predefined ABAP type int8

2. Global temporary tables

3. Replacement objects

4. Value ranges of domains

Modification 1

New Predefined ABAP Type int8

The new predefined data type int8 enables 8-byte integers with signs to be declared.

Modification 2

Global Temporary Tables

Database tables in ABAP Dictionary can be defined using the table category global temporary table. A global temporary table (GTT) can only be filled with temporary data during a database LUW. When a GTT is filled using Open SQL, it must be emptied again explicitly before the next implicit database commit. If not, a non-handleable exception is raised.

Modification 3

Replacement Objects

A CDS can be assigned as a replacement object to a transparent database table or a classic database view. In Open SQL reads, the replacement object is then accessed instead of the original object.

Modification 4

Value Ranges of Domains

When the value range of a domain is defined, the data types INT1, INT2, and INT4 are now checked (like INT8) to determine whether the fixed values and interval boundaries are valid values, that is, that they lie within the value range defined by the technical attributes. Existing domains with invalid value ranges must be corrected.