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RFC and ABAP Channels in Release 7.50

1. Dynamic destinations in RFC

2.Point-to-point communication for AMC

3. Enhancements for APC

4. Forbidden accesses for APC

Modification 1

Dynamic Destinations in RFC

The methods of the class CL_DYNAMIC_DESTINATION are used to manage dynamic RFC destinations in Release 7.50 and higher. In particular, the method CREATE_RFC_DESTINATION makes it possible to create a dynamic destination, which can be used in the current sessions for RFCs.

Modification 2

Point-to-Point Communication for AMC

Alongside the general publish-and-subscribe mechanism, a point-to-point communication option was introduced for the ABAP messaging channels (AMC). Here, a sender object addresses precisely one receiver session. The send action can be either synchronous or asynchronous. This is done using the new factory method CREATE_MESSAGE_PRODUCER_BY_ID of the class CL_AMC_CHANNEL_MANAGER. The ID of a receiver session is provided by the method GET_CONSUMER_SESSION_ID of the same class.

Modification 3

Enhancements for APC

The framework for ABAP channels (APC) was expanded as follows:

See also the ABAP Channels documentation in SAP Help Portal.

Modification 4

Forbidden accesses for APC

Up to now, any repeated attempts to bind a push channel to a bound messaging channel or any attempts to remove a nonexistent binding were ignored. From Release 7.50, both situations raise an exception.