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AMDP in Release 7.50

1. AMDP functions

2. AMDP functions for AMDP methods

3. AMDP functions for CDS table functions

Modification 1

AMDP Functions

Alongside the existing AMDP procedures, the AMDP framework now also supports AMDP functions in the form of table functions in the SAP HANA database. AMDP now have the new addition BY DATABASE FUNCTION of the statement METHOD in implementations of AMDP methods in AMDP classes. These methods are known as AMDP function implementations to distinguish them from the existing AMDP procedure implementations. Unlike AMDP procedure implementations, AMDP function implementations have a tabular return value, but cannot be called like regular functional methods in ABAP.

Modification 2

AMDP Functions for AMDP Methods

In other AMDP methods and using the associated Native SQL syntax, it is possible to access the AMDP function of an AMDP function implementation with an explicitly defined parameter interface

Modification 3

AMDP Functions for CDS Table Functions

An AMDP function implementation in whose declaration the addition FOR TABLE FUNCTION is specified implements a CDS table function from ABAP CDS. The parameter interface of an AMDP function implementation of this type is specified by the definition of the CDS table function. The associated AMDP function is executed as a data source of an Open SQL read statement when accessing the CDS table function directly or indirectly.