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ABAP Versions in Release 7.50

1. Expanded version ID

2. Restricted ABAP

Modification 1

Expanded Version ID

Until now there were only two versions of ABAP programs, Unicode programs and the obsolete non-Unicode programs. The versions were distinguished using an ID defined internally for each program in the column UCCHECK of the system table TRDIR. This ID is initial for non-Unicode programs and "X" for Unicode programs.

From Release 7.50, the meaning of the column UCCHECK in the database table TRDIR has been expanded to cover a general version ID. This new ID can have values for further ABAP versions other than the initial value and the value "X". From Release 7.50, the value "2" can be specified for ABAP for Key Users.

These changes must be respected in all places where the column UCCHECK in the database table TRDIR is accessed implicitly or explicitly. This column is evaluated by the ABAP statements INSERT REPORT and SYNTAX-CHECK. For this reason, the addition UNICODE ENABLING of the statement INSERT REPORT has been replaced by the universal addition VERSION and is now obsolete.

Modification 2

Restricted ABAP

In Release 7.50, a new ABAP version for ABAP for Key Users was introduced. This version is designed for enhancements in delivered enhancement points made by Key Users. The internal version ID in the column UCCHECK of the system table TRDIR is "2".