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ABAP CDS in Release 7.50

1. CDS table functions

2. CDS access control

3. Expressions and functions

4. Session variables

5. CDS views with input parameters

6. Annotation for input parameters

7. Key fields

8. Evaluation of annotations

9. Publishing associations

10. Extensions

Modification 1

CDS Table Functions

The new DDL statement DEFINE TABLE FUNCTION can be used to define CDS table functions as a new category of CDS entities. In Native SQL, a CDS table function is implemented in an associated AMDP function implementation.

Modification 2

CDS Access Control

ABAP CDS access control, introduced in Release 7.40, SP10, was expanded to include implicit evaluations of CDS roles defined in the ABAP CDS DCL in Open SQL. If a CDS entity is associated with a CDS role, an additional access condition is checked by default when the CDS entity is accessed using Open SQL. Only that data is read for which the current user has an authorization or that matches a literal condition.

Modification 3

Expressions and Functions

The following enhancements have been implemented:

Modification 4

Session Variables

When a CDS view is accessed using Open SQL, three session variables ($session.user, $session.client, and $session.system_language) can be accessed here. In these variables, the values of the system fields sy-uname, sy-mandt and sy-langu are available.

Modification 5

CDS Views with Input Parameters

In Release 7.50 and higher, the input parameters of CDS views are supported by all database platforms and can be used in Open SQL. It is no longer necessary to query property VIEWS_WITH_PARAMETERS using method USE_FEATURES of class CL_ABAP_DBFEATURES. Querying this property results in a warning check from the syntax check.

Modification 6

Annotation for Input Parameters

An input parameter of a CDS view or a CDS table function can now be annotated with an annotation @Environment.systemField. The potential values of the annotation assign ABAP system fields to the input parameters. If a CDS entity of this type is used a data source in Open SQL, the assigned values can be passed implicitly. In particular, the value #CLIENT enables the client ID of the current client to be passed implicitly, which provides support for client handling in Native SQL of the implementation of a CDS table function.

Modification 7

Key Fields

Modification 8

Evaluation of Annotations

The class CL_DD_DDL_ANNOTATION_SERVICE contains methods for evaluating the annotations of CDS entities.

Modification 9

Publishing Associations

Path expressions can now be published with more than one association in the SELECT list of a CDS view. The fields of the source data source from the ON condition of the published associated, which then also need to be specified, must be defined using an appropriately specified path.

Modification 10


The statement EXTEND VIEW for CDS view extensions was expanded as follows: