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ABAP CDS in Release 7.40, SP08

1. CDS annotations

2. CDS views with parameters

3. CDS view enhancements

4. Expressions and functions

5. Join type for associations

6. Path expressions with filter conditions in conditions

7. Checking literals against fixed values of domains

Modification 1

CDS Annotations

The following enhancements have been introduced for CDS annotations:

Modification 2

CDS Views with Parameters

In the statement DEFINE VIEW, input parameters can now be defined for CDS views that can be used in operand positions in the view.

When using a CDS view with parameters in a CDS view or in Open SQL, the input parameters must be given actual parameters; new additions are available for this in shape of parenthesized, comma-separated lists in the statements SELECT of the DDL and SELECT of Open SQL.

Modification 3

CDS View Enhancements

The new statement EXTEND VIEW of the DDL of the ABAP CDS makes it possible to add new view fields to existing CDS views - without making changes - by using CDS view enhancements.

Modification 4

Expressions and Functions

The following enhancements have been implemented:

Modification 5

Join Type for Associations

The new attributes INNER and LEFT OUTER for an association of a path expression enable to declare explicitly in which join the association is performed.

Modification 6

Path Expressions with Filter Conditions in Conditions

The new addition 1: before a filter condition of a path expression declares this condition as monovalent and enables the path expression to be used in a WHERE clause or HAVING clause.

Modification 7

Checking Literals Against Fixed Values of Domains

The new syntax #domain.literal enables literal values literal of a CDS view to be checked against the fixed values of a domain.