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Exiting Processing Blocks

Processing blocks can be exited implicitly using the following:

The following statements can be used to exit processing blocks in a program-driven way:

The way the program flow continues depends on the type of processing block.

In addition to the statements described here, any statements that call other units without returning to the caller after the call also exit their processing block. These include the following statements:

Messages and raised exceptions can also exit processing blocks.

Programming Guideline

Only use RETURN to exit procedures


Exiting a procedure using RETURN (or EXIT or CHECK) is the error-free way to exit the procedure. Any formal parameters for which pass by value is defined are not passed to the associated actual parameters only in cases where the procedure terminates after an error (for example, if an exception is raised or a message is sent).

Regular Exiting of a Processing Block
EXIT - processing_block
CHECK - processing_block