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Global Temporary Tables

Global temporary tables (GTTs) are special transparent tables used as repositories for temporary data. This data exists only within a database LUW and can be accessed only by one consumer. GTTs are used to save temporary subtotals thereby splitting complicated database processes into multiple steps. GTTs are designed for this purpose only and hence incur far lower administration costs than regular transparent tables.

The GTT concept specifies that a GTT is always empty at the start of a database LUW and hence always has to be cleared at the end of each database LUW. Generally, database systems provide native support for this concept by defining data in a GTT database table as transaction-specific data implicitly. This data is deleted automatically at the end of a database LUW (in a database commit or database rollback).

In ABAP Dictionary, the table category global temporary table can be specified for a database table. Tables in this category have the variant GTT in the database. The following additional rules apply in Open SQL access to GTTs in ABAP Dictionary to avoid platform-dependent behavior and unexpected responses when handling GTTs:

Alongside these rules, GTTs can be used like regular transparent tables. With respect to their definition in ABAP Dictionary, the following settings have predefined values that cannot be modified:

The number of key fields of a GTT is limited to 15.


Executable Examples

Example Global Temporary Tables, Access