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Obsolete Syntax

CATCH SYSTEM-EXCEPTIONS [exc1 = n1 exc2 = n2...]
                        [OTHERS = n_others].



Handling Catchable Runtime Errors. The statement CATCH SYSTEM-EXCEPTIONS introduces a control structure containing a statement block statement_block that is always processed. In the list exc1 = n1 exc2 = n2 ..., catchable runtime errors and exception groups can be specified in any order. A directly specified number n1 n2 ... must be assigned to each of them.

The OTHERS addition can be executed independently or after the list exc1 = n1 exc2 = n2 .... Its effect is the same as specifying an exception group that includes all catchable runtime errors of the runtime environment.

The system handles the CATCH control structure as follows:

A CATCH control structure cannot be defined in the same processing block, in which the class-based exceptions are handled in a TRY control structure or are raised by the statement RAISE EXCEPTION or by the addition THROW in a conditional expression.



Catches all possible catchable runtime errors in a statement block. Catchable runtime errors of the exception group ARITHMETIC_ERRORS set sy-subrc to 4, all other catchable runtime errors set sy-subrc to 8. The division by 0 causes the catchable runtime error COMPUTE_INT_ZERODIVIDE, which is contained in the exception group ARITHMETIC_ERRORS. In this case, sy-subrc is also set to 4.

DATA: result TYPE i,
      number TYPE i.

CATCH SYSTEM-EXCEPTIONS arithmetic_errors = 4
                        OTHERS = 8.
  result = 1 / number.

IF sy-subrc <> 0.