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Text Symbols

A text symbol is a named data object of an ABAP program that is not declared in the program itself; instead, it is defined as a part of the text elements of the program. A text symbol has the data type c and the length defined in the text elements by mlen.

A text symbol behaves like a constant and can be specified in reading positions using the name text-idf. Here, idf is the three-character ID of the text symbol. This ID can consist of any alphanumeric characters plus "_". The text symbol is taken from the currently loaded text pool.

If the text symbol is not in the currently loaded text pool, text-idf is handled like an initial single-character text field. A text symbol can also be associated with the text field literals using the syntax 'Literal'(idf) and replaces these literals in the program, if the symbol is in the currently loaded text pool.