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Processing Functions for Character-Like Arguments

The following processing functions have a character-like result. They can be declared at general expression positions and character-like expression positions. The return values have the type string.

The function boolc also has a return value of the type string and is (in principle) also one of these functions. It is handled, however, in accordance with its role as a logical function.


cmax, cmin - Character-Like Extreme Value Functions
condense - Condense Function
concat_lines_of - Concatenation Function
escape - Escape Function
insert - Insert Function
match - Match Function
repeat - Repeat Function
replace - Replace Function
reverse - Reverse Function
segment - Segment Function
shift_left, shift_right - Shift Functions
substring, substring_... - Substring Functions
to_upper, to_lower, to_mixed, from_mixed -
translate - Translate Function