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Exception Categories


Each class-based exception belongs to one of three different exception categories, each of which define whether the exceptions need to be declared in procedure interfaces. The assignment of an exception to an exception class is realized (technically) using inheritance. All exception classes are subclasses of the following abstract global classes, which themselves inherit from CX_ROOT:


Use a suitable exception category

When creating and raising class-based exceptions, always use an exception category suitable for the current error situation:


The exception categories are designed for the the following error situations:


The resumability of a class-based exception is not an attribute of the exception class; it is defined instead by the RESUMABLE addition of the RAISE EXCEPTION statement when the exception is raised. This attribute can be lost for exceptions of the categories CX_STATIC_CHECK and CX_DYNAMIC_CHECK during propagation, if the exceptions are not also declared there using RESUMABLE. CX_NO_CHECK always preserves its resumability implicitly.