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AMDP - ABAP Managed Database Procedures

ABAP Managed Database Procedures are a framework for managing and calling

in AS ABAP. Accordingly, the ABAP Managed Database Procedures manage

A procedure or function of this type is implemented in a database-specific language ( Native SQL, SQLScript, L, ...) in an

and at the same time as an AMDP method in an AMDP class.

The following sections describe the components of AMDP:


Programming Guideline

The programming guideline Use Open SQL is particularly relevant for AMDP too. The use of AMDP is not recommended if the same task can be achieved using Open SQL (or ABAP CDS). The example AMDP, Comparison with Open SQL demonstrates how a database access not programmed well in Open SQL can often be optimized using an improved use of Open SQL, removing the need to use AMDP in these cases. AMDP should be used only if it enables database-specific functions to be accessed that do not exist in Open SQL (see the example for Currency Conversion) or if large process flows or analyses that incur repeated transports of large amounts of data between the database and the application server can be swapped out.

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