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Quick Reference


SELECT-OPTIONS selcrit FOR {dobj|(name)}
               [ screen_options]
               [ NO DATABASE SELECTION]
               [ ldb_options].


This declares a selection criterion selcrit for a data object dobj or a type specified in name. Selection criteria are components of a selection screen, to which are assigned a selection table in the ABAP program, as well as two input fields and a pushbutton for multiple selection.

The name of the selection criterion selcrit is limited to a maximum of 8 characters. This statement is allowed in the global declaration part of executable programs, function groups, and module pools. In function groups and module pools, the statement is only allowed within the definition of a standalone selection screen. In executable programs, the statement is otherwise automatically assigned to the standard selection screen.

The statement SELECT-OPTIONS has the following effect:


SELECT-OPTIONS - screen_options
SELECT-OPTIONS - value_options