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COLLECT wa INTO itab [result].


This statement inserts the content of a work area wa either as a single row in an internal table itab or adds the values of its numeric components to the corresponding values of existing rows with the same primary table key. wa is a functional operand position.

result can be used to set a reference to the inserted or changed row in the form of a field symbol or data reference.

Prerequisite for the use of this statement is that wa is compatible with the row type of itab. All components that are not part of the primary table key must have a numeric data type.

The table is scanned for a row with the same primary key as follows:

If no row is found with an identical primary key, a row is inserted as described below and filled with the content of wa:

If the internal table already contains one or more rows with an identical primary key, those values of the components of work area wa that are not part of the key are added to the corresponding components of the uppermost existing row (in the case of index tables, this is the row with the lowest primary table index).

A non-handleable exception is raised if a duplicate entry in a unique secondary table key is produced when the statement COLLECT is executed.

If the primary table key of a standard table is empty, all components of the row type must be numeric and the first row of the internal table is always compressed. If the system can statically detect this, the syntax check displays a warning that can be hidden using a pragma.

System Fields

The statement COLLECT sets sy-tabix for standard tables and sorted tables to the row number of the inserted or existing row in the primary table index, and for hashed tables to the value 0.

Programming Guideline

Do not fill standard tables with collections of rows



Compressed insertion of data from the database table sflight into the internal table seats_tab. The rows in which the primary key components carrid and connid are identical are compressed by adding the number of occupied seats to the numeric component seatsocc.

        carrid   TYPE sflight-carrid,
        connid   TYPE sflight-connid,
        seatsocc TYPE sflight-seatsocc,
      END OF seats.

               WITH UNIQUE KEY carrid connid.

SELECT carrid, connid, seatsocc
       FROM sflight
       INTO @seats.
  COLLECT seats INTO seats_tab.


Handleable Exceptions


Non-Handleable Exceptions

COLLECT - result