Bank Data Maintenance for Sweden

Either the physical bank details or a postal giro number can be specified to identify a bank detail.

  • A bank detail consists of a four-digit bank number ('concentration number') plus the account number with check digit for this financial institution.

Note Note

Concentration number: '5235',,Account number: '133365-9'

Maintain the bank details for your business partner as follows:

Bank key: Concentration number ('5235')

Bank account: Concentration number + account number without special characters ('52351333659')

The check digit procedure specified is not used by all banks in Sweden. Therefore, differences can occur in cases where the correct bank details are specified, but are nevertheless rejected by the system since it is another check digit procedure. To maintain such bank details, first deactivate the automatic check, maintain all the bank data with the alternative check digit procedure and then re-activate the check again. The settings for the automatic bank data validation can be found in Customizing under Global Settings -> Set countries -> Set country-specific checks

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  • As an alternative, you can specify a bank current account number or post office bank current account number as the bank details of a business partner

Unlike the banks, the bank giro and postal giro do not have a concentration number. Create a dummy concentration number for both of these two institutes, for example, '0001' and '0002'. Maintain your bank data for the bank giro and the postal giro in accordance with this dummy number. A giro number can have 3-9 digits, including the check digit

Example Example

Dummy clearing number: '0002',,Postal giro transfer number: '345514-4'

Maintain the bank details as follows for your business partner:

Bank key: Dummy concentration number ('0001' or '0002')

Account number: Giro number without special characters ('3455144')

The system only determines whether it is a postal giro number (length < 10) or an account number by the length of the field contents of the bank account number.

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