Process documentationOne-Step Stock Transfer (Destination Location is EWM-Managed)


You can also carry out the replenishment of kanban materials with SAP EWM by means of a one-step stock transfer. The source storage location from which the materials for replenishment are to be withdrawn must be EWM-managed. In this process, the destination storage location assigned to the production supply area is EWM-managed.


  • In Customizing for Logistics Execution, under Start of the navigation path Extended Warehouse Management Integration Next navigation step Production Planning and Control End of the navigation path, you have made the following setting in the activity Define Determination of Delivery Type:

    • Process: Kanban 1-step stock transfer

    • Delivery Type: DOG

    • Movement Type: 411

  • In Customizing for Kanban under Start of the navigation path Replenishment Strategies Next navigation step Define Stock Transfer Strategies End of the navigation path, you have checked and supplemented the stock transfer strategy 0007 Stock Transfer with Delivery (EWM). In this standard stock transfer strategy, only the Control Type has been set: Delivery from an EWM-Managed Storage Location. In the Movement Type field, you must enter 411 for the one-step stock transer.

  • You have created a production supply area (PSA) and specified the destination storage location (production storage location) there. This storage location is EWM-managed.

  • You have created kanban control cycle. In the control cycle, you have made the following settings on the Stock Transfer tab page:

    • Stock Transfer Strategy: 0007

    • Storage Location (source): You must enter a source storage location that is EWM-managed.


  1. You set the kanban container to Empty on the kanban board.

  2. The ERP system automatically creates an Outbound Delivery with reference to the kanban container as the new replenishment element. The number of this outbound delivery is displayed in the Delivery field on the kanban board. You can use the Display Replenishment function key to access the overview of this outbound delivery.

  3. This outbound delivery is automatically replicated in the EWM system and created there as a posting change request.

  4. The EWM system automatically activates this posting change request and generates an transfer posting document.

  5. You can search for and check the ERP Documents on a targeted basis using transaction /SCWM/IM_PC. To call up this transaction, choose Start of the navigation path Extended Warehouse Management Next navigation step Delivery Processing Next navigation step Posting Change Next navigation step Maintain Posting Change End of the navigation path in the EWM system.

  6. You create a warehouse task for the posting change.

  7. You confirm the warehouse task. The EWM system automatically makes the posting change (transfer posting) for the kanban material.

  8. The EWM system reports the goods movement to the ERP system.

  9. The posting change (transfer posting) triggers the goods movement for the stock transfer (movement type 411) in the ERP system.

  10. The posting of the goods movement leads to a change in the kanban status: The system automatically sets the kanban to Full.