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The SAP enhancement RSAP0001 is available if you want to fill fields that you have added to the extraction structure of a DataSource as an append structure. This enhancement is made up of the following enhancement components:

Data Type Enhancement Component

Transaction data


Attributes, texts




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You have enhanced the extraction structure of the DataSource with additional fields.



As soon as an SAP enhancement is assigned to one project, it can no longer be copied to another project.

  1. In Customizing, choose the extractors (transaction SBIW in source system) Postprocessing DataSources  → Edit DataSources and Application Component Hierarchy.
  2. Highlight the DataSource that you want to enhance and choose DataSource Function Enhancement.

    The project management for SAP enhancements screen appears.

  3. Specify a name for your enhancement project in the Project field.
  4. Choose  Project  → Create.

    The Attribute Enhancement Project <Project Name>screen appears.


    If a project has already been created for the SAP enhancement, use the existing project and continue with step i).

  5. Enter a short description for your project.
  6. Save the attributes for the project.
  7. Choose Goto  →   Enhancement Assignment.
  8. In the Enhancement field, enter the name of the SAP enhancement that you want to edit, in this case RSAP0001.

    You can combine several SAP enhancements in one enhancement project.

    To display the SAP documentation for an SAP enhancement, highlight the SAP enhancement and choose Goto -> Display Documentation.

  9. Save your entries.

    If a project already exists for the SAP enhancement, you cannot save your entries. Go back to the initial screen and enter the existing project. Continue with step i).

  10. Return to the start screen.
  11. Select the Componentsubobject.
  12. Choose Change.

    The system displays the SAP enhancements you have entered with the corresponding components (in this case, function exit).

    To display the documentation for a component, select the component and choose Goto  →   Display Documentation.

  13. Select the component (for example, EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001) that you want to edit and choose Edit  →   Select.

    The system displays the function module prepared by the SAP application developer. Use the include program contained in this module to transfer your functionality to the module.

  14. Call the include program by double-clicking on it.
    • The ABAP editor appears.
    • Enter the source text for your function in the editor and save your include program.
    • The system asks whether you want to create an include program.
    • Confirm that you want to create an include program.
    • Specify the program attributes and save them.
    • Choose Goto → Source Code.
    • The ABAP editor appears.
    • Enter the source text for your function in the editor and save your include program.
  15. Return to the start screen.
  16. Activate your enhancement project by choosing Project  →   Activate Project.

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The enhancement is activated and at the runtime of the extractor, the fields that have been added to the DataSource using the append structure are filled with data.