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The Result tab page shows the result of the last (current) user consolidation. The table is divided into upper and lower parts (indicated by different colors). The upper parts shows only individual user types, while the lower contains all consolidated user type combinations. If there are no user type combinations, the lower part is not displayed.


Additional Notes


Shows whether the row is for standalone user or users created by an upgrade


Specifies a user type or a combination of user types that was determined during the consolidation and for which the following numbers apply.


Shows the number of users with this type or this type combination.

In Combination

Shows the additional number of users of this type that have resulted from type combinations (only in the upper part of the table).


The totals in this column are calculated purely arithmetically based on the combinations found and do not take into account special features of contracts in any way. You can change the values at any time in change mode and therefore adjust them to the applicable contractual conditions.


Shows the total of the user types individually measured and found in combination (total of the two previous columns).


You can display or enter the number of existing licenses here.


Shows the difference between existing and measured licenses.


The following functions are available in the list of results:

Display Types as ID/Text

Switches the display in the Combinations column between the description of the user types and special versions (text) and the identifier (ID).

Maintain Existing Licenses

Switches the table to change mode, so that the fields of the licensed column in the upper part of the columns Licensed and In Combination become ready for input. You can enter the number of existing licenses for the individual types.

Save Licenses in Archive

The function has two tasks. First, it saves the maintained licenses so that you do not always have to re-enter them. It also saves the result of the current consolidation, so that you can display it again at a later time. At every save, you need to enter a description. This description makes it easier for you to select the results you want later from all of the saved results. The date and time are automatically added at every save.

Fetch Licenses from Archive

As soon as consolidation results have been saved and therefore exist in the archive, you can use this function to retrieve and display a particular result. You select the desired result in a dialog box. Although the current display is lost when you do this, you can save it first.

To display the current consolidation result again, call the Result tab page again. When you do so, the maintained licenses from the most recently saved archive are automatically transferred to the display. If user types that did not previously exist have been added due to new measurement data, you can perform the maintenance of existing licenses for these types.

Delete Licenses from the Archive

Deletes saved consolidation results from the archive using a selection dialog box.