Component documentationProcess Observer (CA-EPT-POC)


Process observer enables you to manage and optimize your Business Processes across different applications and along the entire process management lifecycle. This lifecycle contains the following phases:

  • Process design

  • Process implementation

  • Run/monitor

  • Analysis

The insight gained in the analysis phase can be used to adapt the process design for further process optimization.

Most processes within the SAP Business Suite are implemented as so called “built-in processes” They are based on implemented business logic and are executed without the use of an explicit process definition or process engine, in contrast to workflows like the SAP Business Workflow.

For more information on built-in processes and workflow, see Built-In Processes and Workflow

The design and implementation of the built-in processes is part of the system implementation phase, covered by IMG and/or the blueprinting functionality of SAP’s solution manager. The focus of this component, CA-EPT-POC, is the Run/monitor and analysis phases within the process management lifecycle for SAP’s built-in processes. This component provides an appropriate infrastructure to log the activities (also known as process steps) of executed built-in processes across different SAP systems.

Implementation Considerations

To use Process Observer, in Customizing for Cross-Application Components, choose Processes and Tools for Enterprise ApplicationsProcess Observer.