Manage Banks


With this app you can display, create, and change data about the banks your company, your customers, and your suppliers use to transact business.

This app is available for the role Cash Manager.

Key Features

  • Forms a central repository for address, risk, and other kinds of general bank data.

  • Create, display, and edit data for banks in which your company has one or more accounts.

  • Create, display, and edit data for banks that your customers and suppliers use to transact business with your company.

  • Associate house banks, contact persons, and business partners with your banks.

Other Features

In addition, the app supports the following technical features:

  • Export to Spreadsheet: Exports list data to a spreadsheet.

  • Share: Allows you to send specific data to colleagues by email or by using SAP Jam, and which allows you to save a specific data view as a tile available on your Launchpad.

Component for Customer Incidents


More Information

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