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I am a Developer

I design and develop functionalities to answer customer’s business needs and requirements – such functionalities may be on-premise solutions or cloud SaaS and may be the foundation for either customer or partner-specific Intellectual Property. The Role of Developer also includes learning journeys with focus content for Application Developer, Integration Developer, Security Architect or UX/UI Designer.

My Key Tasks can include:

  • Support Delivery and IP Build activities with focus on developing applications and extensions
  • Transfer business requirements into program code which cannot be implemented using non-programming configuration methods.
  • Define specification of integration scenarios based on business process requirements in order to support project delivery and application development
  • Create the best overall strategic system landscape, including 3rd party, legacy systems and modern SAP solutions.
  • Turn concepts into concrete UI and/or visual drafts quickly, then rapidly iterate sketches/ wireframes into polished final designs
  • Create/Maintain UI and visual design style guide and maintain icon and design library
  • Testing and debugging

My Areas of Expertise can include:

  • Specific development languages & technical tools
  • Deep knowledge of relevant SAP Cloud Platform development tools/extensibility framework and Cloud relevant Platform Components (SAP SCP)
  • Solution integration and extensibility Development
  • Data Modeling, Migration planning, review/evaluation and loading
  • System Integration & Orchestration
  • Security Concept; Roles, Authorizations & User Management
  • Substantial knowledge in hardware, equipment's and platforms.
  • Skills in interaction design, visual design, and communication
  • Experience in defining and creating data visualizations is highly desirable
  • Understanding of mobile device/web graphics techniques and production practices