Postprocess Lockbox Data


You can use transaction FLB1 to select and correct checks – either with the help of the lockbox number, status or batch number – that the system was unable to post automatically. For this you can use the functions from the SAP List Viewer (ALV) . For more information, see the SAP Library under Getting StartedListsSAP List Viewer (ALV).


You must have activated SAP Enterprise Financials Extension 2.0


As part of postprocessing you can branch to payment advice processing where you can change, add or delete clearing information. You can classify deductions with the help of reason codes. This lets you post a deduction as a residual item to the customer account or to a G/L account. After changing the payment advice you can resume automatic posting.

The following are some of the functions you can avail of:

Simultaneous display of several lock boxes and quick navigation between the lock boxes

Change the customer in the payment advice header

Free selection of customers, G/L accounts or vendors

Simultaneous posting of several checks

You can create dispute cases from the postprocessing of lockbox data. For this you need the SAP Dispute Management component.


From the SAP Easy Access Screen select Accounting ® Financial Supply Chain Management ® Cash and Liquidity Management ® Incomings ® Lockbox ® Postprocess or Accounting ® Banking ® Incomings ® Lockbox ® Postprocess.

Enter the required data and choose Execute.

The selected lockbox data is displayed in a hierarchy.The icons in front of each line show the status of the check.The following are possible status entries:


Posted on account

Partially applied

Not posted

Proceed as follows to display the check status:

Choose View Other Display

The screen for displaying lists appears.

Click on the ALV icon Layout settings and choose Change layout.

Select the Check Status field in the dialog window under Column List .

If you want to use the field in the column list, click on the left arrow and choose Copy .

The system displays the check status.

Edit Payment Advice

In order to edit the payment advice, double-click on the Payment Advice field in the list display. Change the data you want to correct, save and choose Back .

If you want to change the account or account type, show the Account and Account Type fields as described for the Check Status field. Both fields are shown in the list display and you can change them directly. Choose Enter to save the changed data.

If you want to ensure that your changes have been saved, double-click on the Payment Advice field and choose Payment AdviceHeader.

Choose ChecksPost to resume the automatic posting of changed checks.

See also:

For more information about dispute cases, refer to the SAP Help Portal which you can find on the Internet→ SAP Cross Industry Solutions my SAP Financials SAP Financial Supply Chain Management SAP Dispute Management.