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Interface Destination

A resolved destination containing information needed to execute requests, such as the system URL.

You can create a destination as a local object when supplying all necessary information, or it could be retrieved from the destination service on SAP Cloud Platform (via DestinationNameAndJwt). When creating a local object representing a destination, you need to supply at least the url and, if required by the target system, valid credentials with username and password.



  • Destination



Optional authTokens

authTokens: DestinationAuthToken[] | null

Authentication tokens returned from destination service on SAP Cloud Platform, optional.

Optional authentication

authentication: AuthenticationType

Type of authentication to use, optional.

Defaults to NoAuthentication, unless username and password are provided, in which case the default is BasicAuthentication.

Optional isTestDestination

isTestDestination: boolean

Flag indicating whether the destination is for test purpose. Should be "undefined" or "false" for non-mocked destinations.

Optional isTrustingAllCertificates

isTrustingAllCertificates: boolean

Flag indicating whether all certificates should be accepted when communicating with the destination. Should not be "true" in production.

Optional name

name: string | null

Name of the destination retrieved from SAP Cloud Platform, optional.

Optional origin


Since v1.0.1.

Origin of the destination in a multi-tenant setup on SAP Cloud Platform (either from provider or subscriber account), optional.

Optional originalProperties

originalProperties: object

Further properties of the destination as defined in destination service on SAP Cloud Platform, possibly empty.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any

Optional password

password: string | null

Password to use for basic authentication, optional if other means of authentication shall be used.

Optional proxyConfiguration

proxyConfiguration: ProxyConfiguration

ProxyConfiguration for on-premise connectivity. Is only present if proxyType equals "OnPremise". See ProxyConfiguration.

Optional proxyType

proxyType: string | null

Proxy type to specify whether the target resides on-premise, optional, not used.

Optional sapClient

sapClient: string | null

Client to target in an SAP system, will be added as HTTP header sap-client if set, optional.


url: string

Base URL for calls to this destination, mandatory.

The URL needs to define at least scheme (protocol like http:// or https://) and host. The path for requests against this destination will be appended to the path defined in the URL as a new path segment.

Optional username

username: string | null

Username to use for basic authentication, optional if other means of authentication shall be used.