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This class represents the entity "A_FunctionalArea" of service "API_FUNCTIONALAREA_SRV". This service is part of the following communication scenarios: SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning Integration (SAP_COM_0087). See https://api.sap.com/api/API_FUNCTIONALAREA_SRV for more information.


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    • FunctionalArea





functionalArea: string

Functional Area. Structure criterion for an enterprise or government based on functional aspects. Use for Cost-of-Sales AccountingThe functional area is required to create a profit and loss account in Financial Accounting using cost-of-sales accounting. The following are examples of structure criteria:ManufacturingAdministrationSalesResearch and developmentUse for GovernmentThe functional area is needed for Funds Management to meet legal requirements for reporting with functional aspects. You can use the functional area to represent the global targets and goals (such as public safety or city development), in particular the expenses of your organization.Use in cost-of-sales accountingSee the documentation on Filling the Functional Area Field.For comprehensive information on cost-of-sales accounting and on the functional area, see the SAP Library under Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> General Ledger -> Cost-of-Sales Accounting.Use in governmentFor more information on the functional area, see the implementation Guide for Funds Management Government in the section Activate Account Assignment Elements. Maximum length: 16.


One-to-many navigation property to the FunctionalAreaText entity.


FUNCTIONAL_AREA: StringField<FunctionalArea> = new StringField('FunctionalArea', FunctionalArea, 'Edm.String')

Static representation of the functionalArea property for query construction. Use to reference this property in query operations such as 'select' in the fluent request API.

Static TO_TEXT

TO_TEXT: Link<FunctionalArea, FunctionalAreaText> = new Link('to_Text', FunctionalArea, FunctionalAreaText)

Static representation of the one-to-many navigation property toText for query construction. Use to reference this property in query operations such as 'select' in the fluent request API.

Static _allFields

_allFields: any[] = [FunctionalArea.FUNCTIONAL_AREA,FunctionalArea.TO_TEXT]

All fields of the FunctionalArea entity.

Static _defaultServicePath

_defaultServicePath: string = "/sap/opu/odata/sap/API_FUNCTIONALAREA_SRV"

Default url path for the according service.

Static _entityName

_entityName: string = "A_FunctionalArea"

Technical entity name for FunctionalArea.

Static _keyFields

_keyFields: Array<Selectable<FunctionalArea>> = [FunctionalArea.FUNCTIONAL_AREA]

All key fields of the FunctionalArea entity.

Static _keys

_keys: any = FunctionalArea._keyFields.reduce((acc: any, field) => {acc[field.fieldName] = field;return acc;}, {})

Mapping of all key field names to the respective static field property FunctionalArea.

Static _serviceName

_serviceName: string = "API_FUNCTIONALAREA_SRV"

Technical service name for FunctionalArea.


Static builder

  • Returns an entity builder to construct instances FunctionalArea.

    Returns EntityBuilderType<FunctionalArea, FunctionalAreaType>

    A builder that constructs instances of entity type FunctionalArea.

Static requestBuilder

  • Returns a request builder to construct requests for operations on the FunctionalArea entity type.

    Returns FunctionalAreaRequestBuilder

    A FunctionalArea request builder.